First, "both morality and talent" is Sanheng group to determine the standard of talent 


1) the lofty spirit of dedication. Take the overall situation into consideration, realize the overall situation, take the company development as its own responsibility, combine the strong enterprise spirit, the high sense of responsibility and the steady state of mind organically together. 

2) right values. Integrity, selflessness, fairness. Advocate "no pains, no gains" , firmly believe that through efforts can be in the group to obtain due returns. 

3) teamwork. Focus on the big picture and take care of the overall goals of the group. 


1) excellent professional knowledge and skills. This is the basic requirement for the working ability of talents. 

2) clarity of purpose. On the premise of abiding by the company's rules and regulations, understand the decision-making of the company's senior management, and work creatively around the company's Development Goals. 

3) practical creativity. In the work of active thinking, with unique insights and perfect thinking, make it into a new practical work program. 

4) fighting power. Be Proactive, risk-taking and stress-free, and work tirelessly and innovatively to ensure the mission is accomplished. 

5) communication and leadership. Good communication skills, open-minded, through communication to achieve the goal of smooth development work, and then develop into individual leadership. Ability to motivate subordinates to achieve their work and personal goals. Ability to set high performance standards, to hold subordinates accountable for their work and to assist subordinates to improve their professional skills and skills 

6) learning ability. Be Able to constantly update knowledge structure, with the ability to learn new knowledge and skills. 

Second, the management of self-discipline 

1) to quality as the fundamental, to credibility to create efficiency, corporate culture, tree dedication. 

2) understand the decisions of the company meeting and follow them creatively. 

3) be strict with yourself, treat others leniently, and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to a greater extent. 

4) expand our mind, study our business, keep abreast of the industry information and new business trends. 

5) learning as much as possible about culture, reflecting the moral behavior required by the company as much as possible, trying to improve their ideological and cultural quality, so as to cultivate themselves into the compound talents needed by the development of the company. 

6) be loyal to the company, strive to be the hero of the company and give your life value. 

3. Self discipline at the executive level 

1) be proactive in accomplishing tasks assigned to you by your supervisor. 

2) work hard to acquire the knowledge required for your job. 

3) strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, so that their words and deeds in line with the ethical code. 

4) work together, understand each other, help each other, and accomplish tasks together. 

5) strive to improve the ideological and cultural quality, for their own awareness of the rise of a solid foundation. 

6) establish a strong enterprising spirit and high-quality work style. 

7) be loyal to the company, be proud and proud to be a member of Sanheng group.

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